2020 Project

In 2020 we celebrate our 800th anniversary. Help us make a difference in the future.
We need to raise £100,000 now!




Worship and Pilgrimage

Level floor

Concert Space

What are we doing?

  •  We’re not changing the character of our well-loved, mediaeval church.
  •  We’re starting by redecorating the church and cleaning the stonework for the first time in living memory.
  •  Relighting the church to provide better lighting and reveal the many beautiful and interesting features.
  •  Levelling the floor, making it safer, warmer and more comfortable.
  •  Gathering our mediaeval tiles together and revealing important brasses.
  •  Opening up the chancel for worship and concert performance.

What will it mean?

  •  A restored building, improved by sensitive redecoration.
  •  A well-lit, warmer, more comfortable and accessible church.
  •  Architectural features enhanced and visible.
  •  Sensitive creation of space in the chancel for worship and concerts.
  •  Supporting the church as a significant place in people’s lives and the community for generations to come.
  •  Enabling our place of meeting between God and his people.

2020 Vision St Mary Magdalene, Great Hampden

  • St Mary Magdalene’s is a tiny parish. There are only about 150 people living in it, and we’re a mile and a half away from the village! Yet we have an impact much bigger than you would expect.
  • Over the past decade there have been:
    • 100 Baptisms
    • 112 Weddings
  • We have services every Sunday at 11.15am, and new people are joining our community.
  • We have a rich tradition of chamber music concerts, thanks to the support of The Hampden Quartet and their friends. But the concerts are difficult to stage in our church, and space is cramped.
  • Simple changes that won’t affect the character of our historic building will create an exciting space for worship and performance.
    We can make the church more accessible by making the floor level and improving access.
  • This will bring new life and open up new possibilities for our church and community life.
  • We are in a relatively isolated location. Our church sits in beautiful and peaceful countryside.
  • But we are also very accessible, being close to Risborough, Wycombe, Amersham, Wendover and Aylesbury.
  • It is a very spiritual place. Its stones are soaked in prayer.
  • We want to be a church for the 21st century, offering a place of pilgrimage and retreat for people to encounter God in their lives.

How Can I Help?

You can download our leaflet, and use it to make a donation. Please help us today!