Benefice Notices

  1. The Church is having a stall at this event which takes place on Sunday 11th July 10am - 4pm. We will be selling our preserves and hope to sell other items such as baked goods along with any craft items. If you can please help with baking or craft making it would be much appreciated. We will also need help setting up the stall in the morning and with running it throughout the day. Any offers of help, please contact Jean Green on 01494 865660.

  2. Chiltern Way Academy

    During this past week, students from the Chiltern Way Academy have been very busy helping out in our Churchyard. You may have seen them working away in the heat! All students at the school are taking part in a two-week programme of community based learning. On site at the Chiltern Way Academy on Nairdwood Lane, they are building themelves a music room, digging in trampolines and serving up a BBQ amongst other things. Here at Holy Trinity, Prestwood they are helping to tidy our grounds ready for the summer. They will be here next week too, so give them a wave and a 'thank you' if you see them.

  3. Technical Drawing... Can you help?

    In order to start using the Ashes Garden Memorial we need to plot out and record the squares of ground where ashes will be interred. Can you help by accurately drawing the ground in front of the memorial in a way that allows us to pinpoint plots of about one squre foot? If so, please contact Amy in the office (863805).

  4. Diocesan Synod Representatives   

    Please consider standing for Diocesan Synod. The Diocesan Synod is the governing body of the Diocese of Oxford. Anyone on the electoral roll can stand for election. (You don't need to be a PCC member.) Here in Wendover Deanery we have two positions to be elected.

    We’re seeking people who:
    • have a passion for the mission and ministry of the Church
    • will prayerfully consider the issues put to Synod
    • can listen to others attentively as well as being willing to speak
    • are able to make decisions for the good of the diocese as a whole
    • will communicate the work of Deanery Synods and PCCs to Diocesan Synod.

    This is the body that holds our Bishops and staff at Church House to account. It's vital that we are represented here, and it is also good and valuable in it's own right.

    The Synod meets three times a year, on Saturdays. The meeting scheduled for later this year is November 13.

    For more information please speak to Deiniol Heywood (01494 866530). To stand all you have to do is email the Area Dean ( by FRIDAY JULY 2. We will handle the paperwork.

  5. Ashes Garden Memorial Sculpture Update

    We are delighted that the Ashes Garden Memorial  Sculpture has now been erected in Holy Trinity, Prestwood churchyard. It is a beautiful piece of art for the benefit of church and village in it's own right, as well as providing us with the capacity for interring ashes in the churchyard for many years to come. Over the next few weeks we will be landscaping around it. We are also finalising the policy and procedures in order to start using it. This means the ashes garden is now closed for new plots around the tree, though of course second ashes can be placed in double plots that are already there. You can still donate to the appeal to help us cover the costs of commissioning and maintaining the sculpture.

  6. Seating in both churches has been increased in the light of Step 3 guidance. Until we can all sing again inside we will be having shortened services in both churches. Although we will continue to stream services from Holy Trinity they will be a simplified stream. If you are watching the 9.30am service online please download the Order of Service to fully participate.

    Holy Trinity, Prestwood

    8.00am Holy Communion
    25 Bubbles in congregation. If possible, please pre-check in at Holy Trinity via Eventbrite or use the NHS app or Track and Trace sheets in church.

    9.30am Outside
    All are welcome—no pre-booking. All are able to sing. Socially distanced BYO seating in the churchyard. Coffee after. Children's Church in the Quiet Garden.

    9.30am Inside
    If possible, please pre-check in at Holy Trinity via Eventbrite. 25 Bubbles in congregation. Six Chancel Choir seats. Please book these via Eventbrite if you would like to sing. Three servers seats in the chancel. Please book these via Eventbrite if you are serving. Congregation can also check in on arrival using the NHS app or Track and Trace sheets in church. Coffee after. Children's Church in the Marquee.

    St Mary Magdalene

    11.15am 16 bubbles. Check in using the Track and Trace sheets in church. For the time being the morning Service at 11.15am will remain as Morning Prayer

  7. 2021 will see the return of Lighthouse (albeit in a slightly different format). We need to collect a large number of cylindrical tubs (often containing Bisto gravy granules, cocoa powder, stock granules, salt etc). Height minimum 10cm / 4", diameter ideally 7cm / 3" but would also gladly accept 8.5cm / 3.5" diameter. Paper / card outside, wiped clean, without lids please.
    We also need a set of ca 100 small plastic pots, resealable, volume 50-100ml, as well as ca 1kg of sequins. Any suggestions of a good source of these would be most welcome.
    Happy to collect from your house, or bring to church and leave in a marked plastic bag, FAO "Lighthouse". Any queries, please contact Bettina on Tel 715623 or

  8. Many people would like to sponsor the church flowers or music on a particular Sunday in memory of a loved one. If you would like to sponsor flowers or music then please speak to the Rector, a church warden or contact Liz in the office to make the arrangements. Suggested sponsorship is £30 for flowers or music for £50, but other donations are also welcome.

  9. If you are arranging a church event that uses the Church Hall or Cottage please don't forget to book it! The only way to book the Church Hall or Cottage is to go through the Bookings Secretary. The hall is booked on a first-come, first-served basis. There are no automatic bookings, so everybody has to book. Don't forget!

  10. The church has lots of equipment—for cleaning, cooking and maintenance. Please make sure you know how to use equipment before you do. This may be as simple as familiarising yourself with the instructions, but with dangerous or complex equipment training is required. Scrub-bashing days are also training days for all the powered garden equipment.