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Annual General Meeting--and 2020 Project

Our Annual General Meeting takes place on Sunday, April 28, directly after the morning service. Please do come along to this important moment in the life of our church. There will be elections to the PCC, and we welcome people to stand for the PCC, the strategic, decision making body of the church. This year, as well as reviewing 2018, we will be looking forward to our 800th anniversary in 2020. We want to start sharing and consulting with the community our plans for redecorating and developing the church for this significant anniversary--we are calling it the 2020 project and we hope you will come along to find out more.

Easter Candles

On Easter Sunday there will be arrangements of lilies behind the altar and, as was the case last year, there will be candles on either side of the chancel dedicated to the memory of loved ones. If you would like to donate a candle please contact Margaret Gray (488023) or Hilary Reid (488611) by Palm Sunday 14th April. The names of those being remembered will be read out at our Family Festival Eucharist at 11.15 am on Easter Sunday 21st April.

Lent Appeal 2019

This is the third year that we are supporting African Village Support (AVS), a well-known locally run charity whose aim is to help the local people in a rural villages in eastern Uganda to improve the quality of their lives. This year we are supporting an irrigation project focussing on irrigation and agriculture. The overall objective is to support AVS’ women’s and community groups to enhance their livelihoods and enable self-sustainability of food supply—this is despite variations in climate throughout the year. 

Our Goals:

Provision of six additional foot pumps £1,200.
Starter pack of seeds, fertiliser and various gardening tools £190.
Training and monitoring for up to an initial 3 months £1,400.
Total project funding: £2,790.

Please support our Lent Appeal by using an AVS Gift Aid envelope from the back of the church.

A new Curate for the Benefice

We’re delighted to announce that this summer we will be welcoming a new curate to the benefice. Kevin Lovell, who is being ordained on June 29, will serve as a full-time, stipendiary curate in Prestwood and Great Hampden. He is married to Gill, and they will be moving in to the Curate’s House in Prestwood in the Spring. This is really good news for both churches, and we look forward to getting to know Kevin and Gill, and sharing with them what God is doing in our communities. There’s more information in the Monthly Herald in Prestwood and the flyers in St Mary Magdalene’s. Please hold Kevin and Gilll in your prayers as they prepare for their move.

Follow me on Monday

Tues 1900-2000, March 12-April 9

Weds 1145-1245, March 13-April 10

This five week Lent course, Follow Me On Monday, is aimed to encourage us in our Christian discipleship in daily life and work. Our life in Christ has a rhythm of going out from and returning to the praise and sacramental worship of Sunday, expressing and exploring this within, and gathering it from, our life in the world. Our Christian calling is, quite simply and profoundly, to follow Jesus. He goes before us into our world and there we shall find him, as he promised. To this discipleship we bring the whole of us, all our faculties, all our senses in our thinking, our acting and our experiencing. The five elements of the course are entitled: “Faithful Following”, “Wholly Living, “Called to Partnership”, “Raising our Eyes” and “Go in Peace”. We meet in Holy Trinity, Prestwood and there will be refreshments served. All are welcome!

Baptisms and Confirmations

Would you like to be baptised, confirmed or start taking communion? Lent has always been a time when people think about getting baptised or confirmed or starting to take communion, if that's something they haven't done before. If you would like to think about any of those things then please seek out the Rector or Nigel. You can catch us after a service, drop us an email, or give us a phone call. We'd be really delighted to speak to you.