Our Worship

Our Worship

FamilyServiceWe meet every Sunday at 11.15am.

The pattern of Sunday services throughout the month is generally:

First Sunday Parish Communion
Second Sunday Morning Prayer
Third Sunday Family Service
Fourth Sunday Morning Prayer
Fifth Sunday Morning Prayer






GH_AGW3This pattern is flexible—so that Family Services are held on special Sundays when this is appropriate, such as Mothering Sunday and Harvest Festival.

Morning Prayer usually follows the traditional BCP format, but sometimes we use specially drafted service sheets on special occasions and for baptisms.

The Family Service is a special opportunity for the younger members of our community to make their contribution to our worship, though all members of our worshipping community are welcome every week.

As a traditional Anglican parish church, our worship on a Sunday morning is there for the whole parish, the whole community. We want to leave church with a sense of having worshipped God in a meaningful and satisfying way that will sustain and nurture us through out the week.